I am zoomiti and this is my webpage. I post my findings whenever I get stuck on a problem and need to research a solution. The internet has always been there for me so I figure I should be there for it.


Hey everyone! I go by zoomiti in most of my online presences.

I am an Embedded Firmware/Software Engineer currently going into my Senior year of University at Northeastern University. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Although my main trade is in Embedded Engineering, occasionally I pursue other fields for personal projects for the fun of it. I am a firm believer in Open Source software so you can find most of these projects in my GitHub.

Major Projects


The project I am most proud of is a research project I contributed to known as EvolvingBehavior. It is an Unreal Engine Plugin that allows developers to use evolutionary genetic algorithms to produce behavior trees for NPC artificial intelligence.


This site is mainly to document the rare times I get stuck on a project and could not find a readily available answer online. When I find/research/discover the solution I’ll write a blog post about it here.